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What is the best anxiety relief?

Anxiety is an uncontrollable condition of the mind that is characterised by intense, excessive, and persisting worries and fears about everyday situations. This happens when we cannot handle our minds. Whilst this goes on in the mind, it also has physiological symptoms such as an increase in heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, and even drains one’s energy. It is a condition that is on the rise, and it doesn’t seem to have any concrete solution. Until now.

People are often looking for a quick fix, so their first go to is instant relief to the anxiety - medication, breathing, exercising are quick fixes. And we don’t blame them – the world has condition us into instant gratification and quick fixes, so it’s only natural that people desire something like this for something as horrible as anxiety. Nobody wants to be anxious, but it just happens on its own, by the condition! But what we aim to do, is help people understand the root cause of anxiety, and completely be free from it forever. In order to do that, let’s first take a look at how anxiety develops in our minds.

What is causing my anxiety?

Think back to when you were a child. Think about the playgrounds you played in, or that feeling of innocent freedom you had as a child, with no responsibilities. Do you ever recall having any anxious thoughts or experiencing anxiety? No! The chances are, you began to develop anxiety as you got older, and more so in recent years, particularly now if you are searching for a solution to it.

The reason why this happens, is because the human body works just like a camera. We are a 5 senses camera with our eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and body. Just like a camera takes pictures and stores it on the film, our human mind is also the same! We take “pictures” (experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions) of the world, and store it in our mind as a copy. But actually, if you think about it, it’s not the real thing! It’s just a copy!

Human mind is pictures and not real | False human mind
What's real exists in the world, what's in the film of a camera is not real, and what's in our mind is not real!

So, as we grow up and move through life, slowly but surely, our mind starts to take “pictures” of anxiety and stores it in our brain. For example, maybe you saw your parents fighting or arguing, and you became cared, and this may have been the first time you started to experience anxiety. You just took a "picture" (memory with feeling and emotion embedded in it) of anxiety. From there, you have a conception in your mind of what anxiety is, and now that you’ve taken it, your mind is subconsciously always looking out for as something to avoid. As you grow up through life, you start to see and experience more anxious thoughts, feelings, and emotions. People fighting, people failing, businesses not able to succeed, worries and fears of people when they can’t handle their mind, so on and so forth. Not only are we seeing this “in the world”, but also on television, in films, in music and everywhere. What’s happening is, our mind is consuming more “pictures” of anxiety, and it starts to build up in our mind. Check out this video below for a visual explanation of this principle of the human mind.

Now, let’s add into the mix the intensity of information that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. Emails, clients, family members, social media, comparing, contrasting, distraction, multi-tasking, so on and so forth! I’m getting a headache just typing that. But this is how life now is! So, it’s no wonder why anxiety is on the rise because we are just continuously taking more and more pictures of anxiety.

Now of course, this also depends on one’s mind and the strength of their mind and what type of pictures they take into their mind. Where one person is overwhelmed with anxiety at a particular situation, another may have no issues whatsoever. It all depends on the life you’ve lived, but also, and perhaps more importantly, from the minds we’ve inherited from our ancestors which is our habits.

So now that we understand what anxiety is and how it’s been added into our mind from our life experiences and on top of the habits we’ve inherited from our ancestors, what do you think would be the solution? I ask again – if it’s been ADDED, what would be the solution? SUBTRACT it! Let it go and discard.

Discard your mind | Empty the mind | Learn to let go
Because the mind is pictures, and not real, everything can be discarded from the mind - this is the true solution

There is no quick fix solution. When there’s an issue with the body, is better to cover it up with medication, or deal with the root cause and fix it once and for all? If you mask it over, it’s only going to sidestep the issue and create other issues in your body, which is evidenced by the entire medical industry. I’m sure we all know people who are taking so much medication for their issues, that the medications themselves are starting to cause a problem. Your mind is exactly the same. The medication you take will only create other adverse side effects, but the fact you are burying your anxiety and not actually dealing with it is only further intoxicating your body with negativity. We must deal with the roots.

How can I fix my anxiety and get relief from it for good?

The best anxiety relief then is to discard the anxiety from your mind. So how do we do that? First, with the understanding that everything in our mind is just a picture, and therefore not real, we can easily let it go.

Learn how to master your mind | The human mind is an illusion that doesn't exist
What's inside the mind doesn't exist, and so it can change, alter, move, be destroyed and let go! You are the master of your mind

If you close your eyes now, bring up an apple. Is the apple real? Can you eat it in reality? Can you give it to your friend to eat in reality? Of course not, it’s just a picture in your mind. It’s not real. Put that apple into a blender, and happens? It blends up! Now, bring up a $20 note in your mind. Is that $20 note real? Can you go down to Coles or Woolworths and spend it on anything? No! They’ll probably kick you out of the store for being insane if you even suggest it. You can not take it out of your mind, but, if you imagine there is a fire in front, put that $20 note into the fire. What happens to it? It burns and disappears. Now bring up the place where you are reading this now. That also comes up as a picture and you are inside of there. But again, is that the real place and is that the real you? No! It’s just a picture. Throw that into the same fire and what happens? It just disappears. So just like that, what’s in our mind is just pictures, it’s not actually real. If you touch your face, that’s the real you, but what’s in your mind is not.

So just like that, if we can accept the fact that what’s in our mind is all just pictures, and not real, it’s very easy to discard from our mind’s anxiety. We simply need to reflect on all the times and continuously let go of the anxiety in our mind. The best way to do this is under the guidance of an expert meditation guide, so they can guide your mind to the past experiences where those pictures were originally taken, then they can help you see that those pictures are not real, and help you discard the anxiety in its totality so that it never bothers you again! You will learn to fix it from the root cause.

Every Tuesday and every Saturday we will personally guide you through this process. When you come to embrace the fact that everything in your mind is just a picture, and is not in fact real, then it’s a very simple process to learn how to let it go. All the issues we have come from this self-made mind world where you are the producer, director, and main actor, and consequently you are therefore the only one with the power to fix it and change it! We can help you with any and all issues you want help dealing with. No matter what the issue is, it can be traced back in your mind and is a result of the picture world you have built up over your life.

So, are you ready to find a permanent fix and be the master of your own mind?

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