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Why should we do Meditation?

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Why should we do Meditation?

....... I remember someone once pointing out that all of the people at an inner city party, we were at, seemed as if they were role playing and acting.

It was if they were playing characters in a scripted film.

Slave to the mind | Online Meditation Oceania

I didn't think much of it at the time but I now understand that all of us are in a performance that we have individually scripted for ourselves.

Our parents, culture, social media, biology and habits in conjunction with Karma subconsciously mould the characters we have become.

We are actors within our own "movie", which blinds us from who and what we really are.

We live within a false reality and are separated from the "True" world, which we actually part of.

Through Meditation we can learn to disgard our false selves and the false world we inhabit.

We can learn to be free from the stress of our world and we can begin to remember who and what we really are.

Meditation is essential for each and every one of us, because it enables us to begin to understand the "Truth" about the Universe we belong to.

It is time to step outside our dream world.

Join us for a free, online, guided Meditation session or visit a local meditation centre near you..

By Geoffrey, Sydney Meditation, Australia

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