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Storm in my head

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Yesterday I was eating an apple at home. I was outside so I threw the apple core into our garden.

the apple episode | meditation blog

I live with a flatmate who saw what I did. “What are you doing?” she yelled at me.

Shocked at her negative reaction, I replied “putting the apple in the garden”.

“That’s not good!” she shouted.

What could be wrong with putting apple in the garden? I thought to myself.

“Food scraps attract predators like rats and mice, which can come into our house”, she said.

I had never heard such crazy news.

So, under my breath I said “I can’t do anything”.

She heard me and went inside.

I was extremely angry.

I went to my room and checked my phone.

Texting | Meditation Blog

Within one minute she had messaged me. “We live in a reserve so we are not meant to throw stuff in the bush”

And she backed it up by posting an article from the government which read:

“Food scraps can take years to break down and they feed predators like rats and mice”.

I was furious. I felt like she was out to get me.

I looked back on my mind through meditation that night. I started to see objectively why the situation happened.

Even before the apple event, I was already holding a lot of negative mind towards her. In a way, I created the whole situation.

I did not have the true mind inside me. I had false mind inside me. I was not humble. It was just a matter of time before my cold attitude towards my flatmate came back on me.

Meditation taught me I am living inside my own mind world.

The method to go to heaven while living is to cleanse the self-centred body and mind from this great universe and even cleanse the false conceptions of the universe. Then the pure universe remains. This existence is Truth.

Through introspection, I could also see my mind that thinks “I am right”.

I thought that throwing apple in the garden was absolutely the right thing to do.

However, when I see from my flatmate’s perspective, I can see she is right. Our house would benefit from having no mice as well.

Meditation class at auckland meditation
Reflecting on my mind is meditation

It’s a small example and seems like nothing. However, meditation has helped me accept my reality. If I didn’t find meditation, I would have got so angry to the point I would have moved house. I would have tried to change my external environment, which would probably create more stress as I would have to find another place to live.

Being able to accept my reality has improved my happiness.

Why not try meditation so you can accept your current life?

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