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Do this first, then you can achieve it all!

Living in this modern society, where things change so quickly, life is not always easy and enjoyable.

Born and living in this world, everyone wants to live well and become successful at what they are doing. Whether it is to become financially comfortable, have a great relationship, or achieve the goals that they have set for their life, there is one common fact that no one can deny: that is that everyone suffers because of their own mind.

From regrets and guilt of the past mistakes or anxiety and fear about the future events, we store all sorts of thoughts in our mind and that is exactly why we suffer.

The human mind, can be explained in a nutshell, as being like a camera and its photographs. A camera takes pictures and stores them on a film. The human body works just like a camera, taking pictures using our five senses then storing them in our brain. This becomes one’s mind. From these pictures, tens of thousands of thoughts come forth and that is what stress is. If you just eat and do not excrete, you will become sick. Just like that, we’ve been collecting all these pictures in our mind but haven’t been able to let go of them. As a result, a lot of people are in a state of mental "constipation", so to speak.

Let’s go through some of the things that people want the most in common.

1. To be without stress and have a positive attitude

Stress comes from having a lot of unnecessary thoughts. If you have a dead fish in your room, your room will be putrid with a rotten smell. As long as the decaying fish is there. You can’t help but to suffer from the smell. So, when you have a lot of pictures in your mind which produce constant noise in your mind, you can’t truly relax and stay positive. So, if you would like to experience peace and calm within yourself, and stay positive all the time, the first thing you need to do, is to empty your mind. Discarding all of those pictures is the way to be without stress.

2. To improve focus and concentration

Would you like to improve your focus and concentration, so you can be successful at what you are doing? It is tricky if your mind is full of thoughts, worries and doubts. Often many successful people talk about the importance of the mind and how they are able to push through, by setting their mind right, even in a very difficult situation. When you clear your negative thoughts and doubts away from the mind, our true mind appears within. This is the mind that has the power to push through no matter how difficult the situation is.

3. To deal with grief and loss and be able to move on

In life, whether we want to or not, we make mistakes and sometimes unfortunate things happen. When we dwell on those events, the longer we stay trapped in there, the harder it becomes to move on. By letting go of those thoughts from our mind, we gain strength in our mind, and we can think clearly. Only then we can take action and make positive changes.

4. To sleep better and become healthy

Last, let’s talk about sleeping! So many people nowadays complain that they can’t sleep well. Why is it that? The reason is because too many things are going on in their heads, their minds are so active, they cannot switch off. What is producing all of those thoughts? All the pictures that you have taken within your daily life, that's what! When you learn to discard these pictures, your mind can be at ease, you can start sleeping better and your body will be able to restore its energy naturally. As doctors often say, if you are to be healthy, stay away from stress, eat well and sleep well. It's as simple as that.

So, whether it is to deal with stress and anxiety, or improve focus, or sleep better to become healthy, the foundation is to have a clear true mind. Without a strong foundation, anything that is built on unstable ground will easily fall apart.

So, clear your mind!

When you do this, then you can live in peace and be truly happily!

Group meditation class at Auckland Meditation
When you have the true mind, you can achieve it all!

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