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There is no greater joy than finding your true self

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

I have searched high and low for a place where I can find my true self and a real sense of peace.

Then this meditation found me..... It has it's challenges, but it's so easy to follow, that if you do it sincerely, innocently, and honestly, the results you will experience will literally change your life forever! There is no greater joy than finding your true self and helping others do the same.

Please give it a try :)

Steven, Brisbane, Queensland

Gratitude | Online Meditation Oceania

My whole family has been doing this meditation for a few years now.

Our life has completely changed after this meditation. The people here are very nice.

I feel happier and calmer with fewer negative thoughts.

It's very convenient because I can do it through online sessions.

K RN, Melbourne, Victoria

Extract from Restful Saturday hosted by Caroline , Sydney Meditation

"How To Find Truth, God Within"

Meditation experiences shared by Steven T.

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