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Mental Health Tips : How to Improve Mental Health

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

People have many physical and psychological illnesses because they have a lot of minds in their consciousness, which are their minds.

One becomes ill when things do not happen as one desires.

Depression cure with Online Meditation Oceania

If you throw away all the negative minds he has inside his mind, only the true mind remains. Then, illness will disappear.

When there is only the true mind, one can become healthy in body and mind. Illnesses come from the poor circulation of qi (energy) and blood in the body, so when one eliminates one's mind, qi and blood circulation will improve, leading to a healthy mind and body.

Would you like to empty your mind? Would you like to clear your mind?

Learn how to meditate? Then, watch this video lecture and learn about the human mind and the method! Also, in this video, you get to watch the Meditation Main Centre in South Korea and find out about other online meditation programs around the world!

0:10 Intro

1:27 Meditation Main Centre in South Korea

3:42 Online Meditation Programs around the world

5:09 Lecture on human mind & how to empty the mind

10:28 Lecture after guided meditation

11:48 Meditation benefits

Video from Oceania Meditation Youtube Channel

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