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We can in fact remove the negativity of our world by "throwing away"

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

You no longer need to endure the reality which you perceive yourself to be trapped within.

That "reality" in fact doesn't even really exist. The reality we believe we inhabit, is often refered to as "the picture world" or "false world".

It is composed of delusional beliefs and is fabricated into a world that is no more than a dream. It has been costructed from our beliefs, habits, socialisation and chemical biology. That reality that you believe is often so negative can be systematically and simply eliminated.

We can in fact remove the negativity of our world by "throwing away" the emotions which are firmly attatched to our memories.

This process does not remove our memories, it in fact renders them free of the negative emotions, which control our feelings and actions.

So the next time you feel that the world is harsh, cruel, selfish or humans are greedy, remember that, this is not how the world actually is. These feelings have all generated within our own selves.They are not a true reflection of how the world is. They are instead a reflection of our own negative perceptions.

If you are not already Meditating, it is about time you begin.

Wake up to the the beauty of the true world.

Group Meditation Class at Brisbane Meditation

You can do it.

Simply follow the Method and Meditate.

You can find out more about our "Method" to Meditate by joining one of our free online sessions.

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