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Once my mind raced...

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Meditation helps to calm the mind with racing thoughts

It was at night

In the morning

It was during my lunch

The rain crashed on my roof

It streaked down my window

I seldom felt peace

My memories blinding me

I felt poorly, at what I had done

I was afraid at what might come So, I sit alone upon my bedroom floor

I close my eyes and find freedom

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Memories seep to the surface

And one by one I discard them

Over and over

bit by bit

piece by piece

At last the fog begins to clear

I am silent


I remain without movement

I am at one with the Universe

I sit

breathe softly

Alive and aware

Meditation practice to help mental awareness

Refreshed and at peace

As my eyes slowly open

I see the world as it is

I am grateful

And I thank Meditation

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