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How it changed my life : Thank you, meditation!

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

It changed my life. This is not just a way to find calm and serenity, it's a way to understand how the human mind works and how to live with a true mind.

Graziano, SYDNEY, NSW

I have practiced this meditation for four years. It has completely changed my life.

The helpers here are incredibly supportive, the centre is clean, quiet and amazingly comfortable. The other meditators become like family, sharing in the self growth journey and all other parts of the human life. I am forever grateful I found this meditation, it is simple to follow and simply works wonders. Thank you!

Mumbi, PERTH, Western Australia

Mumbi meditating at Perth Meditation

True life changing meditation with amazingly supportive helpers, volunteers and fellow meditators!

I've been doing this mediation for many years and a journey that started out from pure curiosity has led me to really find true unconditional happiness. Life still brings challenges but I'm still always happy. I also couldn't have found this happiness without the support of all the incredible love and support of the people at the centre.

Thank you!

C.Choi, SYDNEY, Australia

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