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Husband and Wife | What is Love?

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

A couple should be of one mind in order to be husband and wife

A couple should have no distance between them

in order for them to be husband and wife

A couple should not try to possess each other's minds

A couple should not fight

or have any expectations of one another

A couple should soothe each other of their scars

A couple should not cry or laugh

A couple should care for one another

A couple should laugh in the good times and the bad

A couple may get angry at each other, but they should not own it

A couple may fight, but it should not be a fight

A couple may laugh, but it should not be laughter

A couple may love, but it should not be love

A could that has truly departed from all of these things is a true husband and wife.

From "Nature's Flow" by Teacher Woo Myung

"I struggled with people and their view points. I was desperate to get my view point across and it caused relationship problems."

As soon as I started to meditate and discard the pictures, my life started to change beyone belief. I am so thankful to this meditation because now I know what I have to do to find peace and true happiness.

A couple meditating together at Mandurah Meditation
Much happier after meditation

My chase for happiness had a hard price to pay. Feelings of insecurity, loneliness, anger and resentment were sending me into a spiral of despair. I was finding myself in disputes with others, then friends, then family, then my husband. Our beautiful family was at risk.

Since following the method and discarding the pictures in my mind, I feel I am finding the true me and my fears and insecurities are washed away.

Even from the first few levels of meditation I feel the changes in me and I am still changing day by day. I am so grateful.

Because the people of the world treat each other with love, the dark clouds of anger are lifted, and they care for one another.

LOVE from the book, Nature's flow, by Teacher Woo Myung

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