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Realising that the world is truly a beautiful and amazing place

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

There are certain days in our lives which remain vivid and fresh within our collected memories.

For me one such day occurred while I was holidaying near Bermagui, on the south coast of N.S.W, near the Victorian border.

It was a bright summer's day and I was with my friend in a small canoe, on a crystal clear shallow lake. As we slowly paddled across the lake, we continually reached down into the water to collect alluvial oysters, which we placed in our bucket.

I remember how amazingly wonderful the day felt.

We suddenly became aware of something we could see in the distance. There upon the lake floated a flock of hundreds of beautiful Black Swans.

I had only seen Black Swans in pairs before, so this was something very special.

We crouched down in our canoe and slowly paddled, then drifted towards the swans.

As we approached them, they did not appear to notice us and were not startled.

Beautiful Nature | Online Meditation Oceania

As we drifted into their midst, there was suddenly a deafening sound of the flapping of a multitude of wings. I remember it reminded me of the sound of Angels.

As I looked up into the air the entire sky was blackened by the mass of swans and I can remember tiny feathers floating down towards me.

It was as if I had looked into the heart of Nature itself, the face of God, the essence of the Universe.

I had been given a clear and fantastic glimpse into the true wonder of the world we live within.

In our everyday lives we are so busy being preoccupied by the millions of thoughts, dreams, plans, worries and fears that we usually fail to actually see the beauty and the magic of the world we live within.

My experience of seeing these swans was perhaps not so strange to many, but for me it was something that I had never experienced before... never even imagined.

The Truth is that if we discard our misconceptions of the world, if we discard our attachment to our negative memories of our life lived, our habits and our false perceptions, we will come to realise that the world is truly a beautiful and amazing place.

Mind of Nature | Online Meditation Oceania

The more that we Meditate the more our eyes open to the true world that we live within.

See the world as it is.

Free Yourself from the slavery of your negative thinking.

Sincerely Meditate.

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