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How to find your true talent and to be successful

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Everyone is born with different talents.

However, when two people are doing the same thing in life, the one who always works hard and is consistent is unbeatable.

We can often see that a person who silently persevers becomes successful despite the lack of talent. When one eliminates his mind and has the biggest mind, which is the mind of oneness, he can focus solely on the task in front of him.

Anyone who does that can become successful.

Therefore, the truly talented person is the one who cleanses his mind rather than a person who has innate talent.

A bee and flowers | Online Meditation Oceania

"Through discarding, I became positive and confident. Now I know I can do anything."

Donna Seo, a volunteer Youth Meditation Instructor in South Korea, shares how she changed first through meditation and then the benefits her whole family is now experiencing.

"I experienced a lot of positive changes in my life through this meditation. The biggest change was finding the courage to recover after going through failures in my life."

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