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Free Yourself | Sever Your Strings

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

While most of us never want our lives to end, we never really put much thought or effort into, what it means to truly live.

Each of our monotonous days drift lazily past, from one to another and very often seem indistinguishable from each other.

Being in the moment | Online Meditation Oceania

Our days are steered by the past and by our dreams of our future. We are governed by our guilt and desires from other times.

We are seldom consciously aware, that we are actually part of the moment in time, which we are inhabiting.

We suffer through life like a marionette, a kind of Pinoccio. Our strings which control our movements, being pulled by other times, far from now.

Our metaphorical strings are tugged by emotions, that have attached themselves to our memories, our past history, from the stories we have been told and from our families.

We are like grim Zombies, unaware of our own mechanical actions.

We are trapped within a world that we don't really see, a "false world".

And so to see the real world which is in front of us, we must sever the connection to these debilitating forces.

We can gain our independence through Meditation, by disgarding the elements within our lives, which damage us.

We can cast out the "Hungry Ghosts", who rule over us.

We can throw away the negative impact of the past and our fears of the future and finally be rid of them.

Calmness | Online Meditation Oceania

Through Meditation we have the opportunity to live within the real world.

You too, can cut the strings which have held you back.

Free Yourself...

Cut Your strings...

Simply Meditate.

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