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Yoga at Home

One-On-One Guided Meditation Introduction

Get to know your True Self and limitless potential

Deepen your meditation practice through a one-on-one personalised session with an experienced meditation guide. Through our meditation method you can let go of the roots of your mind and find true peace and happiness.  

You are Happy

This will be your personal journey to happiness


Bring Joy Back into Your Life

Stress and anxiety disappear, you begin to have a more joyful outlook with more energy and even your face becomes brighter.

Elimate Stress

You will be able to understand how you can find the root cause of your stress and get rid of it completely


Declutter the Mind

This meditation is all about finding your true self by uncluttering the mind

Personalised to You

When you have an experienced guide to take a personal interest in your progress and keep you focused and scheduled it is so much easier.

noun_high five_1766500.png

Improve Your Relationships

As you progress you will see so much improvement in yourself and in your relationships

3 Easy Steps to One-On-One Guided Meditation

Step 1


Click the link to select an available day and time that is convenient for you!

Step 2

Get Connected

We'll put you in touch with an experienced meditation guide.

Step 3

Ready, Set, Meditate

We will send you a confirmation email containing all the info for your meditation session!

Please note:  All payments are non-refundable, and all appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance of session.

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